Power & Cables

Each film set needs power.

Cables and distribution are the backbone of the electric department. All our 3-phase cables have “straight phases”, meaning phase 1 at the male plug is also phase 1 at the female plug. This applies to the whole system including all cables and distribution boxes. 

Our system consists of modular boxes; small compact boxes can be put together as needed. Each box has a straight outlet (similar to the input). That way these boxes can be put into an existing electric distribution system later. Using our modular system you can work very fast and flexible. We also carry classic “big boxes” … it’s the electricians choice.

All our electric distribution (cables & boxes) are well maintained and frequently checked. All plugs are opened once a year and all connections are tightened. We document each check with a protocol of all relevant factors. These protocols are online on our German website, see >>>