Since 1995 we provide a full range of dollies, grip accessories and specials. Many of our own developments (MB Dolly-Platform, track support, etc.) are well established in the market. Our equipment is checked thoroughly after each return. On every check we pay special attention to the “soft skills”, such as noise, smooth flow of all bearings, hydraulic and electromechanical components, etc.. A part which doesn’t gain approval will not leave the workshop until it is fully functional.


Here is a selection of our current portfolio:


Hydraulic dollies: Super PeeWee IV, Fisher 11, Fisher 10, Arco

Electromechanical dollies: Magnum, Panther Evolution, Panther Classic, GFM Secondo

Lightweight dollies: Quad-Dolly, Doorway Dolly, Western Dolly

Special dollies: Rickshaw Dolly, Fifi Bodendolly

Rranes: GF-9, GF-8, Foxy

Miscellaneous: Monotracks, Remoteheads, Slider, U-Bangi