Hannes Hofer

Hannes Hofer Branch manager Rental manager Production support hannes@maierbros.de

Maier Bros. your film equipment rental in South Tyrol

Our core business is the distribution of professional film technology with locations in Merano, Cologne, Berlin, Leipzig and Weimar. You will find film light in any version: HMI, halogen headlights, cinema flor, LED (daylight/artificial light), camera technology, camera stage (dollys and camera cranes) aggregates, ultra silent generators...as well as any kind of accessories: tripods, grip [...]

Maier Bros. goes Camera

A well-stocked range of camer technology has been available for you in our Meran branch since April 2021. More information here >>>

Niels Maier

Niels Maier Owner Gaffer Production support niels@maierbros.de

Knut Maier

Knut Maier Owner Production support knut@maierbros.de

Compact powerhouse: 40 kVA trailer mounted generator, single phase

Can you run a 18K HMI ArriMax and a 12kW HMI Fresnel with a small 40 K Generator? No Problem with our trailer mounted 40K Generators! For more informations >>>

Maier Bros. your film equipment rental in South Tyrol

At our facility in Merano near Bolzano, Italy,  you will find all types of professional film equipment: film lighting & dolly grip. E.g. spotlights (HMI, Daylight & Tungsten), Kino Flos, LED-Lamps, stands, ultra silent generators, camera dollies, and much more. Please visit us at our German Portal: www.maierbros.de

Fluorescent tubes – now with safety-shield

Fluorescent tubes for rent? No problem, even with safety-shield. The safety-shield protects the tube and in case of damage the surrounding. Neither splinters nor toxic gases escape into the environment if the lamp breaks. For more information >>>

Panther Precision Leveling Tracks

With their telescopic tubes the new Panther Precision Leveling Tracks allow you a fast and accurate track leveling in any terrain. The telescopic tubes are mounted on the tracks without tools and offer you infinitely variable levelling possibilities up to 67cm. For more information >>>      

Medina cart – easy, robust, universal

If in narrow alleys or on difficult grounds, our Medina cart is the ideal transport companion for every location. It’s tread and loading bed can be adjusted easily... equipment can be lashed down fast and secure and it has a perfect centre of gravity. This multi purpose cart matches the tasks of many departmends, not [...]